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BLUWAVS are comprised of one or two headsets and a "Blender" 7.1 HD Audio Headphones Receiver.

BLUWAVS deliver the absolute highest quality sound for enjoying movies, music, games and TV shows.

BLUWAVS dramatically enhances your entertainment experience with stunning surround audio that is immersive, discrete and crystal clear. With the Blender discretely adjust 8 channels of volume to your personal preferences.

The Blender comes with an IR remote control that allows you to select from a number of audio or audio-video devices including (3) HDMI. (2) SPDIF and (2) analog stereo devices.

BLUWAVS works with most audio and audio-video devices including Blu-ray/DVD/CD/SACD media players, PCs, Macs, networked media servers and players, streamed audio players, PC and Console Game systems such as Xbox, PS4 and PS3, Apple TV, TV receivers and Android phones that have an HDMI adapter. BLUWAVS can also work with any audio device that has a preamp level analog stereo output as well.

BLUWAVS supports all popular Blu-ray movie 7.1 HD Audio formats including DTS-HD-Master Audio® and Dolby® TrueHD audio.

Choose options to be added to your order

Extra 10 Speaker FIJI Headset (no cable)

Extra 15 foot extention Headset cable [Add $79.00]

Gaming Microphone [Add $89.00]

HDMI Splitter [Add $129.00]

Order Summary (Available 2015)

Base Price: $3,195.00
Customized Price: $3,990.00

  • Extra 10 Speaker FIJI Headset (no cable)

Comparison of Music Playback Formats

Format Type Compatibility File Size
FLAC Lossless Non-Apple 2X MP3 320kbps
ALAC Lossless Only Apple 2X MP3 320kbps
WAV Uncompressed Non-Apple & Apple 4X MP3 320kbps
Audio Quality Chart

NOTICE – Additional Accessories May Be Required

An HDMI (or other interface such as SPDIF or analog) interface splitter may be required if you would like to for example send your HDMI Blu-ray player output to both your speaker AVR and to the BLUWAVS Blender receiver. This configuration allows you to select for example only the headphones to be turned on and not your floor speakers connected to your AVR.

Also HDMI and other interface cables are not included and will need to be purchased separately.

Returns Policy – Option To Evaluate

BLUWAVS Headphones and Blender Receiver ("BLUWAVS") may not be returned for refund or credit.

BLUWAVS may be evaluated before you purchase them at an authorized Mozaex dealer.

Click here to request the location of a dealer near you.

Limited Warranty

BLUWAVS have a limited 1 year warranty.

Click here to learn more about the BLUWAVS warranty.

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