STREAMZ-Smart Headphones

STREAMZ-Smart Headphones

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Available November 10 2015!


Introducing The World’s First
Smart Streaming Headphones

No Phone ● No Cable ● No Hassle

Streamz allows you to instantly play online music and stored music without requiring a separate smartphone or music player.

Pure CD/HD WIFI Quality

With the Streamz Android or iOS App play HD or CD quality music over uncompressed WIFI from your smartphone or a network attached storage server.

Everything is Built Inside

Streamz integrates an Android App based processor, up to 36GBs, WIFI/Bluetooth, a 96kHz/24 bit or 48 kHz/16-bit DAC, color display and microphone.

AutoSynchs Your Music

Streamz unique AutoSynch™ feature automatically transfers your music files from your smartphone, PC, Mac or your Google® Drive account in the cloud.

Say and Play Simplicity

Streamz VOXXI voice control allows you to "Say and Play" your music with simple voice commands.

Take a Call, Play Games, TV & Movies

Take a Bluetooth phone call from your smartphone, or with the optional TRANZ Bluetooth transmitter module you can also use Streamz to watch TV shows and movies or play games.

Stream Online Music & Stored HD Music

Stream your favorite streaming music service such as Pandora® or lossless FLAC and Apple® AIFF music stored locally from up to 36GBs of built-in storage.

Streamz Never Grows Old

Unlike traditional headphones, Streamz will never become outdated. You will receive free periodic software updates with exciting new features.

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Streamz is the Smarter Way to Play


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