STREAMZ-Smart Headphones

STREAMZ-Smart Headphones

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STREAMZ 4GB $449.00

STREAMZ 20GB $549.00

STREAMZ 36GB $579.00

Limited Time • April 2 to May 1 2014

Special $200 to $300 discounts available!

The world’s first smart headphones are highly integrated with Android Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,  CD quality 48 kHz/16-bit DAC, and built in streaming music player that produces better digital sound quality.

STREAMZ supports popular audio and video formats with high bit rate Stereo sound. These smart headphones generate amplified high quality sound from your favorite streaming music services such as Pandora® in addition to media stored on Google Drive. In addition you can listen to  TV shows, movies, or games with the help of an optimal TRANZ Bluetooth transmitter module from your home AV Receiver.

Play it all with STREAMZ.

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