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When is Streamz going to be available?

Streamz is debuting at CES Las Vegas Jan 6-9. Our store is opening October 11.

How do I play music on my Streamz?

You can play music on Streamz from the following sources.

  1. Play music that is stored on Streamz
    Play the music that you have transferred onto the Streamz onboard storage (up to 36GB).
  2. Stream music to Streamz from an online music service such as Pandora
    Stream a music service supported on Streamz when connected to the internet via WiFi. Note - Initially at least Pandora and Spotify will be supported. Other streaming services are planned to be supported with future Streamz software updates.
  3. Stream music stored on either an iOS or Android (ie: phone) using the Streamz App.
    Open the Streamz App and select the music stored on your phone that you want to stream to Streamz.
  4. Stream music or take a call from an iOS or Android Bluetooth* smartphone.
    Receive Bluetooth streaming of music and phone calls from your iOS or Android smartphone.
  5. Stream music from a Bluetooth transmitter enabled home audio device (ie: AVR, PC, Game Console)
    You can stream audio from a Bluetooth enabled device including ones that have a Bluetooth transmitter attached.
    For example you can receive audio from an analog audio output of a AVR, PC, TV or Game Console.
  6. Play external music by plugging an external audio device such as a phone.
    Listen to music from a phone or music player connected to the Streamz analog input audio jack.

How do I get music onto my Streamz?

You can transfer music onto Streamz the following ways:

  1. Using the Streamz App select music from your phone and transfer it to your Streamz
  2. Copy your music onto your Google Drive account and Streamz will auto-transfer the music to your Streamz. You can copy music onto your Google Drive account from most devices including your phone, PC or Mac using the Google Drive App.

How do I control Streamz?

You can control Streamz the following 4 ways:

  1. Display/Keypads - Using the Streamz onboard Display and keypads you can select a music source such as the onboard player or Pandora. You can browse, play, pause and skip music tracks. You can also adjust the volume.
  2. VOXXI® Voice Control - Using simple voice commands you can play and control the playback of stored music.
  3. Streamz App - You can use the optional Streamz App on an iOS or Android smart device such as a smartphone to browse, play and control the playback of music stored on your Streamz or streamed from your smartphone.
  4. Smartwatch - You can also control the music being played using a compatible Android Wear smartwatch. Smartwatch controls include skipping, pausing and volume control.

Can I play iTunes “AAC” and other Apple music on my Streamz?

Yes you can play most Apple music.

You can play “unprotected*” Apple music including the most common iTunes music called “AAC” and higher quality Apple music called “AIFFC” music files. *Note: Some older Apple music was “protected”)

What music formats can I play on Streamz?

Streamz can play most of the popular music formats.

Streamz can play both lower quality formats such as MP3 and Apple AAC plus high definition quality formats such as lossless FLAC and uncompressed WAV files.

  • Audio Formats Currently Supported - MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer 3), Apple AAC, FLAC and WAV.
  • Audio Formats Planned (Either at production or soon after with a Streamz update): Apple AIFF and/or Apple AIFC

Can I play stored music from my Android or iPhone?

Yes. You can use the Streamz App to play stored phone music.

You can use the Streamz App to stream music from your Android device or iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad over WIFI.

Can I stream an online and other music service from my Android or iPhone?

Yes. You will be able to stream online and other music from your phone.

Can I change the WIFI hotspot that I want Streamz to connect to?

Yes. Using The Streamz App Manager you can change the Streamz Hotspot.

Open up the “Streamz Manager” App on your iOS or Android smartphone and select the WIFI hotspot found and enter the hotspot’s password if needed. The Streamz Manager is currently a separate App that is expected to be combined with the Streamz App by production time.

Can I control Streamz with the Streamz App outside a WIFI hotspot?

Yes. You can change the Streamz Hotspot from "Domain"" (ie: Home or Office) to "Local"" (Headset).

Via the Streamz keypad or the Display you can switch from a “Domain Hot spot” to a "Streamz Hotspot".
Next, on your smartphone find and select the "StreamzHotspo"" in your list of Wifi hotspots.
Then in the Streamz App select in the Settings-Devices screen the "Streamz Headphones" that is listed. You now are connected to Streamz with your phone without being in a domain Hotspot.

How do I change from the Streamz music player to an online music service such as Pandora®?

Press the "Mode" button on Streamz to select a different Source.

Using the Streamz Mode button toggle through the sources available to select a different music source from for example the onboard music player to Pandora®.

How will I get new feature software updates?

Like a smartphone you will be notified.

Like a smartphone the Streamz App will notify you and instruct you how to download and install any new software update. Updates will include either/both the Streamz onboard software and/or the Streamz App software.

What warranty is provided?

We provide a one (1) year limited warranty.

We guarantee you receive your Streamz headphones free of manufacturing defects. To return a defective product it is necessary that you first contact Streamz Customer Service to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.

When do you expect to begin shipping?

We plan to begin shipping by February 2016.

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