Introducing Streamz
Voice Controlled Headphones

World's first voice controlled headphones that plays stored and online streamed music without a phone.


"Its voice-control lets you pick songs by purely telling it what you'd like to listen to"

- Thats It Mag

Set yourself free and
break the sound barrier.


Feature Highlights

  • Voice Controlled
  • No Phone or Cable Required
  • Play Online Streaming Music
  • Play Stored Music

"Streamz sets your music free by eliminating the need for a separate music player or smartphone"

- Gadget Review

It’s time your music listens to you.
Voice Controlled Headphones

"Streamz, play my jogging playlist"

We put the phone in headphones.

It's an inside job.

  • Voice Control
  • Wifi & Bluetooth
  • HD Music Player
  • 128GB SD Slot
  • LED Display

Stream an ocean of music.

Pandora,® Spotify® & other online music


Live the high life in high def.

Play HD 96kHz/24 bit Music


Relax.  We'll take care of everything.

We auto sync your music with all of your devices

Google Sync

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Free yourself and your music.
No phone No Cables No Hassle

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